Digital Competition Rules

For more help with preparing digital images please refer to the digital image help section.

Basic Requirements

JPG image 1400 pixels WIDE x 1050 pixels HIGH

Images are to be in the jpg format and the sRGB color space.
The image height must be no greater than 1050 pixels.
The image width must be no greater than 1400 pixels.

There is no limit on file size.

Assigning a File Name

The following example shows the form to be used for the filename for the regular competitions.

PS-SmitF-C1-Red Barn.jpg

PS stands for Photo Section

SmitF is the maker code. It consists of the first four letters of your last name (Smith) and the first letter of your first name (Fred)

C indicates that this is a Competition image.  There are no separate designations for color and monochrome images.  Both types of images will be intermixed for judging.

C1 is used for the first image entered in a given competition, C2 for the second, etc.

Red Barn is the title of the image.

jpg is the image format.  It and the period which precedes it are added automatically when the file is saved.  Do not type jpg as part of the filename.  Do not save as a jpeg file.

Dashes must be used to separate parts of the file name as shown.  There are no spaces in the filename except in the title of the image.  Letters may be upper case or lower case.

Salon File Name Structure

For the salon the image identification is as follows:

PS-SmitF-C1X-Red Barn.jpg

The X is a code designation for salon category awards.  The maker is permitted to designate one award category for each image.  The codes will be announced when the sponsored categories are known.

Submitting the Images

Check your entries.  Do they meet the dimensional and file size limits?  Does the filename comply with the required format?  If you have questions about any of the requirements email the Projected Digital Competition Chairman.  Incorrect format of filename could result in image being rejected.  We will try to assist members with questions or problems. However, that offer does not include entries within 5 days of the deadline.

We are using Google Drive for submission of the images this year not email.

You will need a Google account to submit the images.

Complete instructions for getting the email and submitting the images can be found at:

Once you have your Google Account, you can use the following form to upload your images:

You will get an email confirming your images have been uploaded.

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