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You can email us directly with inquiries about joining the club, publicity, or the website:

President ( Frederick Doerfler

Publicity ( Bob Borkoski

Website ( Stu Chandler

Zoom Meetings

If you are a paid member and didn’t receive the Zoom Meeting link, please email us at and we will send it to you.

The Mailing List of the Pittsburgh Photography Club

The Photo Club communicates to its members through regular emails sent out through the mailing list server. Starting this year, new rules affecting mass mailing services were enforced. Despite our small size, we were affected. Unfortunately our faithful GNU Mailman cannot keep up with the changes so we’ll be using a new one once the 2023-24 season is over.

As a temporary measure, if you have an AOL or Yahoo email account, list emails will be forwarded to you from the listmaster’s personal email account.

We understand this is a nuisance and apologize for the inconvenience. The club has put a lot of resources into ensuring this website is up to date, so you can rely on it for the latest information while we work on getting the new mailing list server in place.

For questions and concerns, please contact the mailing list master at If he’s not out getting coffee, he will respond in as timely a way as possible.



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