Digital Competition Rules

For more help with preparing digital images please refer to the digital image help section.

Requirements Summary

JPG |  sRGB |  1400 pixels WIDE x 1050 pixels HIGH | 2MB max.

Images must be in JPG (JPEG) format and the sRGB color space.
The image height must be no greater than 1050 pixels.
The image width must be no greater than 1400 pixels.

Maximum file size is 2 MB.

There is no longer a specific format for the file names. The image title can be entered when the image is uploaded using the system described below.

Submitting the Images

Check your entries.  Do they meet the dimensional and file size limits? 

Create a file-folder on your PC containing your re-sized PDI entries.  This will make the myphotoclub entry process very easy.  You will not be jumping from file-folder to file-folder.

If you have questions about any of the requirements email the Projected Digital Competition Chairman.   We will try to assist members with questions or problems. However, that offer does not include entries within 5 days of the deadline.

We are using the new system for submission of the images again this year.

We are using

You will get an email confirming your images have been uploaded. The email is not immediately sent after the image is uploaded but you should receive it within 30 minutes.