General Rules

Only members who have paid their dues for the season may enter competitions.

Competition entries must be images which have never been accepted for year-end judging.

Images entered in previous competitions which were not accepted for year-end judging may be resubmitted.



There are two competition groups: Class A for advanced photographers and Class B for novice and intermediate photographers.

A new member will be assigned to Class A if their images:

  • Have been sold.
  • Have consistently won awards.
  • Have been accepted by judges to be entered in an exhibit.

Otherwise the new member will be assigned to Class B.

Any member assigned to Class B may choose to be reassigned to Class A by so informing either the President of the Photo Section or the Secretary of the Photo Section in writing by email or paper letter, prior to the beginning of the new season.

Prior to the beginning of each new season, the Board of the Photo Section may determine that certain members will be reassigned from Class B to Class A, regardless of whether they have asked to do so.  This determination will be based specifically on the performance of those members in competitions the previous season.  The purpose of this reassignment is to keep the Class B competition awards reasonably achievable by members who are in the earlier stages of developing their skills, rather than allowing members who consistently demonstrate a higher skill level to dominate Class B competitions.  Members chosen by the board to be reassigned to Class A will be so informed by email from the President of the Photo Section.

Any member of the Class A competition group may choose to request reassignment to Class B if and only if they have entered at least 9 (print and/or PDI) images in the previous season regular competition, but have not won any certificates in that season.  Under these circumstances, such a member may request reassignment by email or paper letter to the President of the Photo Section or the Secretary of the Photo Section.  Otherwise, members may not move from competition Class A to competition Class B.



  • There are two image categories: Prints and Projected Digital Images (PDI).
  • There are three competitions in each image category during the club year.


Competition Entires

  • The maximum number of images a member may submit in a regular competition is three for Prints and three for Projected Digital.  The images may be all color, all monochrome, or any combination of the two.
  • Makeup images for missed submissions in prior competitions are not permitted.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Images that have been entered into any (print or digital) regular competition but have not won a certificate may be re-entered in any (print or digital) regular competition, whether modified (e.g.: changed from color to monochrome) or unmodified.  Any image that has won a certificate in a (print or digital) regular competition may not be re-entered in any (print or digital) regular competition, whether modified or unmodified.
  • Entering “almost the same image” is discouraged.
  • There are no restrictions on darkroom or Photoshop modification of images.
  • All parts of the images must have been made using original images as captured by the maker.
  • The use of clip art is not permitted.
  • Computer generated content cannot be the origin of the image or a substantial component of the post-processing of the image.
  • Competition night rules are independent of rules used for the annual members salon.