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Dear members,

COVID is still a problem as we all know.  Your Board met to discuss the events for 2021. We believe the club meetings this Fall have gone well.

Your Board believes we should continue virtual meetings for the rest of this club season. That means all club meetings from January through May 2021 will be via ZOOM. We will not meet at the Mt Lebanon Recreational center. We hope to resume the usual in person meetings in September 2021.

With that, there will be some disappointments but also some exciting new items coming up.

First, the disappointments. Your Board has decided not to conduct the 3 Print competitions for 2021. And your Board has decided not to conduct a Salon for 2021.

Now the exciting news. We will continue to have tremendous speakers for our presentations. We will also have 3 THEME events that are specifically targeted to 3 different photography genres. And we plan on another 10 minute member presentation night. The End Of Year judging for the images accepted from all 3 PDI competitions will still be conducted as in the past. We will also ask members to submit images for submission to the 2021 Glennie Nature Salon. And we are planing on at least 2 outdoor photo outings this winter.

Your Board wants you all to stay safe and also to continue to enjoy your photography.

Look for more information about the upcoming club events on the calendar on the website and the email newsletters i send.




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We have created a Facebook group for the current members of The Photo Section of the Academy of Science and Art of Pittsburgh. The purpose of this group is to open up collaboration between club members. Click the Facebook icon above to join us.

The 2020-2021 Schedule is in progress.

Message to members

As these difficult times continue, we are not yet able to conduct our regular in-person meetings at the Mt. Lebanon Rec Center.  The Rec Center remains closed and beyond that, we are very concerned about the health of our members.

We have had to temporarily suspend our print competitions, but the Photo Section has adapted to the current circumstances and continues to provide informative and entertaining presentations to its members.   Jim Moore and others have worked diligently to arrange remote presentations from a significant number of talented individuals.  They will continue to do so. Those of you who have been attending these remote presentations are aware of the skill of the presenters and the quality of the presentations that we are providing and will continue to provide. Members are able to comment and ask questions during these presentations.  We are also continuing the PDI competitions in a slightly modified format and will be having themed competitions as well. Specific instructions are provided in the emails from our President.   Please see our schedule for dates and details.

Our board is very pleased that the vast majority of our previous members have stayed with the club, and we are very pleased indeed to have a good number of new members. We ask for your continued indulgence as we strive to provide real value to our members. Thanks for hanging in there.

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