Social Media

The Photo Section now has a presence on Facebook, Flickr and Instagram!



We have established a public Facebook page at This is a public facing page to introduce the public and potential members to the Pittsburgh Photography Club.

We have established a members only Facebook group at We would like to encourage all the members of the Photo Club to join Facebook and the PghPhoto Group. This group is closed; open to only Photo Section members but can be viewed publicly. This Facebook group will create a collaborative space which we can use to connect with other club members outside of club meetings, to exchange tips and ideas, to show images, and to get better connected with each other. We can enhance the activities of the club year round using the Facebook group. In this group, any member can post events such photo outings and to get other members to join them. Members can also post photos with explanations about how it was taken or the post processing that was used. This will help us learn from each other. Members can also use the Facebook group to post ‘For Sale’ items, post photos for critiquing by other members or just to show their work.

If you are already a member of Facebook, joining is easy just search for ‘pghphoto’, open the group and click join.



Flickr icon

We have created a Flickr group at It is free for individuals with up to 1TB of storage for your photos. We would like to encourage members to join Flickr and the PghPhoto Group in Flickr. This group is also closed; open to only Photo Section members but can be viewed publicly. As a member of the PghPhoto Flickr group, you may share a subset of these photos (approximately 5) in the PghPhoto Group Photo Pool. Flickr is replacing the member gallery on the old web site. The Flickr group gives each member complete control of the photos you want to share and allow you to change the shared photos at any time under your control. The Flickr group will be the public’s view of the work of club members and therefore should be representative of your better work.

Joining Flickr is easy. Click, click Signup and follow the instructions provided. Once you are a member, click here for PghPhoto group link and select ‘Join Group’. If your user id on Flickr is the same as your email for Pghphoto, your approval will go much faster. A message will be sent to the administrator to approve you joining the group otherwise identify yourself to the admin in the message box when you click Send.

Note: If you are a new user to Flickr, we recommend uploading a minimum of 5 photos to you account.

What’s the difference?

We want to define the difference between our use of Facebook and Flickr. In Facebook, members may post photos you may need help with, event photos, or even behind the scenes photos. You can also post photos with a short explanation of the difficulty getting the image or a tip others will gain from. We encourage all members to collaborate on Facebook. Flickr is the club’s portfolio and representative of your better work.


We also have an Instagram presence at