Print Competition Rules

Print Types and Who Can Print:

  • Prints may be made from film or digital images.
  • Prints may be color, black and white, sepia, infrared etc.
  • Prints may be printed by the member or a commercial service.



  • Prints must not be framed or covered with glass.
  • Prints must be mounted on either mat board, Gator board, or foam core board.
  • The mounting board must be flat.
  • Matting is optional, and any number of mats (i.e.: double or triple matting) is permitted.
  • Matting, if used, or exposed mount board, if any, may be of any combination of colors.
  • There must be nothing sticky and no exposed tape on the front or back of the print.
  • Other than paper labels, which may be used on the back for the makers name, etc., no objects
    of any kind, any material, or any size may be on the front, back, or edges of the print.  Note
    that labels may be affixed on the back by competition officials.
  • To eliminate any confusion, it should be understood that the “mount” is what is under the print,
    and a “mat” is on top of the print.



The photo print, itself, must be no smaller than 8” x 10”.  The total outside dimensions of the submission may not be larger than 20” x 24”, including all mounting and matting.  The longer dimension may be either horizontal or vertical.

Written Information on the Mounted Print:

  • There must be no written information on the front of the print or the mounting board.
  • The maker’s name, the image title and an arrow indicating the top of the image must appear on the back of the mounting board.

Entry Forms:

Members must complete the entry form provided by the competition committee before coming to the meeting.
There are only two forms for the print competitions. Monochrome and color prints are grouped together:

Group A

Advanced Photographers
Download Group A Print Entry Form

Group B

Intermediate and Beginner
Download Group B Print Entry Form
These forms are also available at the competition table on the nights of Print Competition, but we suggest downloading and filling out the forms prior to the meeting to save time and make the process faster for the committee.


  • Members should present their prints and entry form at the competition table no later than 7:15 PM on the print competition night.
  • After receiving notification from the competition committee regarding “accepted” prints for year-end judging, it is the responsibility of the print maker to deliver those prints to the committee as instructed.