President’s Message – May 2024

As another club season comes to a close, I fondly reflect upon the terrific experiences and inspiring learning at the presentations. I learned a lot and had fun and I hope you did too.

Please thank your Board members for a great job this past year. I especially wish to thank our Secretary, Maura Strazza, for the awesome job. Sadly, she will be stepping down as Secretary. Also, thanks to the Salon Committee: Richard Kale, Jim Boston, Jim Strutz, and Bill Shissler, and everyone else who made the 109th Annual Salon a great success. The Salon is a lot of work, and the committee did a superb job. Also let’s thank Dave Hochendoner for putting together the video for the Poetry/Photo Ekphrasis show. That’s a lot or work too!

Also, a very special thank you to the Academy for donating funds for the Salon awards and treats.  Please forgive me if I forgot anyone. So many people have done so much for your club.

A club only works by the efforts of its volunteer members. Even a little bit goes a long way. Thank you to everyone who makes this club possible. I encourage each of you to be involved, no matter how small an effort you think it is.

I don’t want to forget about all the fantastic images you submitted to the Salon and regular club competitions. Congratulations to all those who participated. If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so.  Let’s give extra special congratulations to the winners in the Salon and End of Year competition. The judges for these events had wonderful accolades to say about your images. These images will be revealed on the website after the End of Year Awards Dinner.

This summer we have planned several outings. They are being posted on the club website as each date is finalized.  For next year, we put together a stellar schedule which you can find on the website. Thank you, Stu!

We have a few openings in the schedule so please volunteer either for a 10 minute or 50 minute presentation. Your club members would love to hear about your photographic experiences, see your images, or your projects.

Before closing, I’ll let you know about two special projects. First, we will be collaborating with the Pittsburgh Poetry Collective to submit a proposal for installation artwork at the new airport. Your Board would like to have every member involved. If you missed the meeting on May 6, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of pictures that need to be taken by all of us!

The second item is a multiple club competition that your Board has put together in cooperation with several other clubs in western Pennsylvania. It is called the Keystone Salon of Photography. We plan on cash awards and showings of the images throughout the region. The competition site is open so be sure to check it out!

Until September, keep on creating those wonderful images…