President’s Message, Jan 2024

Happy New Year!

Your club is off to new horizons.

First, let me introduce the “Keynote Salon of Photography”. This is a new regional photography competition developed with the cooperation of several regional photography clubs. Only members of these clubs will be permitted to enter. There will be specific image categories with definitions aligned with those of the Photographic Society of America. The judges will not be affiliated with any of the participating clubs. The entry date is tentatively set for May 1 and the deadline will be sometime in August. Stay tuned for more details.

We also have new items for the 2024 Salon. The committee decided upon two new image categories: Transportation, and Nighttime.  There will be two new programs on Sunday afternoon during our display of photographic art. In addition to showcasing your images, there will be a showcase of images produced by the youth participating in the photography program of the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild.

The other new program is called ekphrasis. This is a collaboration between our photographers and the poets of the Pittsburgh Poetry Collective. Photos from our club members have been submitted to interested poets who will write original poems related to those images. On Sunday at the Salon, the images will be viewed while the poet reads their original poem. Others have done this in the Pittsburgh area but not with us. All exciting new stuff!

Another event this year will be Infrared photography. Infrared photography is certainly not new to many of you. But this year, we will have a three part program for infrared photography, arranged by Bob Vishnevsky. The first part will be a presentation of infrared photography on February 27th. The second will be outdoors, either May or June, for hands-on instruction with an infrared camera or filter borrowed or purchased by the participate. And the final part will be an evening presentation of the infrared images taken by each participant, either September or October.

All fun events to expand your photography and the club’s presence in the local art community.