Theme Competition Rules

  • Only two images may be submitted per member.
  • Deadline for submission is at 11:59p the Friday before the Themed Event meeting.
  • JPG image Height not greater than 1050 pixels and Width not greater than 1400 pixels.
  • File name to have the title of the image and then the members last name then first initial. Example Flower-Smith-J Since these images are not being judged in the same manner as PDI events there is no need to use that file name structure for THEME submissions.
  • sRGB color space
  • The images must have been captured by the member submitting them.

You will need a Google account to submit the images.

Complete instructions for submitting the images can be found at:

Once you have your Google Account, you can use the following form to upload your images:

You will get an email confirming your images have been uploaded.

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