General Rules

Only dues paying members are eligible to participate in club competitions

Competition entries must be images which have never been accepted for year-end judging

Images entered in previous competitions which were not accepted for year-end judging may be resubmitted in an attempt to achieve an acceptance


There are two competition groups: Group A for advanced photographers and Group B for novice and intermediate photographers
A new member will be assigned to Class A if his or her photos:

  • Have been sold
  • Have consistently won awards
  • Have been accepted by judges to be entered in an exhibit

Otherwise the member will be assigned to Class B.  A member assigned to Class B may choose to be reassigned to Class A prior to the first competition of the club year.

After a year’s competition, a Class B member may be reassigned to Class A if his scores and awards indicate he can compete at that level.


There are two image categories: Prints and Projected Digital Images

There will be three competitions in each image category during the club year.

Competition Entires

The maximum number of images a member may submit in a regular competition is three for Prints and three for Projected Digital.  The images may be all color or all monochrome or any combination of the two.

Makeup images for missed submissions in prior competitions are not permitted.

Do’s and Dont’s

The same image may not be entered in both color and monochrome.  Entering “almost the same image” is discouraged.

There are no restrictions on darkroom or Photoshop modification of images.

All parts of the images must have been made using original images as captured by the maker.

The use of clip art is not permitted.

Competition night rules are independent of rules used for the annual members salon.

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